Full Address: Amenity Land Adjacent 7 - 8 York Place Oxford Oxfordshire
Property Description: Amenity Land Adjacent
Property Number: 7-8
Street: York Place
Town: Oxford
Ward: St Clement's Ward


Name Constraint Type Description
HE.2 - ARCHAEOLOGY AREA Archaeology Area Oxford Local Plan 2001-2016 Policy HE.2 - Archaeology Area
CS11; WE14 - Flooding Flood Plain Oxford Core Strategy 2026 - CS11 Flooding
HE.9 - HIGH BUILDING AREAS High Build Area - City Centre Oxford Local Plan 2001-2016 Policy HE.9 - Restriction on High Buildings Area
TR.3, TR.11, TR.12 - CAR PARKING STANDARDS Transport Central Area Oxford Local Plan 2001-2016 Policy TR.3 - Car Parking Standards; TR.11 - City Centre Car Parking; and TR.12 - Private Non-residential Parking
HE.7 - CONSERVATION AREAS Conservation Areas Oxford Local Plan 2001 - 2016 HE.7 - Conservation Areas
St. Clement's And Iffley Road Conservation Area St. Clement's and Iffley Road Conservation Area, designated on 25th July 1977 under Section 277 of the Town and Country Planning Act 1971 (formerly Civic Amenities Act 1967) and extended on 8th March 2000.
The City Of Oxford Smoke Control Order No. 12 Smoke Control Area The City of Oxford Smoke Control Order No. 12 under Section 11 of the Clean Air Act 1956.