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05/01620/PEL | Public Entertainment Licence | Licence Expired | St Edmund Hall Queens Lane Oxford OX1 4AR
Sanitary accommodation - male WCs
Sanitary accommodation - male urinal
Is this a transfer
If yes, applicants name
Applicants address
Date of Licensing Panel hearing
Sanitary accommodation - female wcs
Sanitary accommodation - Male Wash Basin
Sanitary accommodation - Male H/C Water
Sanitary accommodation - Female wash bas
Sanitary accommodation - F H/C water
Sanitary accom - Malestaff - WC
Sanitary accom - Malestaff urinals
Sanitary accom - Malestaff washbasins
Sanitary accom - Malestaff H/C water
Sanitary accom - Fmlstaff number of WC
Sanitary accom - Fmlstff nmbr of Wash bs
Sanitary accom - Fmlstaff H/C water
Are soap and hand-drying fac provided
Is drinking water and signage available
Special provisions made for disabled per
Do wheelchairs prejudice safety
Any accumulations of refuse or rubbish?
Are all empolyees instrctd in fire drill
Are all fire notices displayed
Fire alarm log book available&completed
Door sprvsrs logbook available&completed
Are there sufficient exits clearly marke
Fire extinguishers suit &sufficient
Fire extinguishers examined each year
Are all fire-resisting doors self closin
Is sufficient ventilation provided
Maximum capacity

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