Licence / Licence Application

From this page you can view information on a Licence or Licence Application. You can also track a licence so that you can find out when it is updated.


The summary tab shows basic information on this licence including the case reference and address.

Important Dates

You can see significant dates for this licence such as when it was received by the licensing authority and when a decision is due or when a decision was made.


The contacts tab displays a list of contact persons related to this licence along with their contact details (address, home phone, work phone).


If publicly available documents exist for this licence, you can view them from the Documents tab. The documents may include forms, maps, plans, certificates and other paperwork.


You can view all comments submitted against this application by members of the public. You can also submit a comment of your own in support of or objecting to the application.

Related Items

You can see the cases related to this licence and also the property(ies) that it applies to.


You can view the location of this licence on the map.

Track / Stop Tracking(Registered users only)

If you click on the track button, it will be added to your Tracked Applications page in My Profile. You will then be notified by email when this licence is updated. If you are already tracking this licence, click on Stop Tracking if you no longer wish to be informed when the licence is updated.

This is available for registered users only. If you've not already registered, click Register and follow the instructions.