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17/00617/CT3 | Extension of depot to provide additional storage space for up to 5 years, reconfiguration and extension of car park, installation of cycle parking, widening of access and erection of fencing. (Amended description) (Additional information). | Oxford City Council Depot Marsh Road Oxford Oxfordshire OX4 2HH

You can make a comment supporting or objecting to this application. Your comment will be submitted to Oxford City Council and will be made available online in due course. Please allow one to two days for your comment to be published on the Documents tab. We will not display your telephone number or email address to the public.

All public comments can be viewed via the Documents tab. Comments are removed from public view once an application is decided.

Comments may not be submitted at this time.

The consultation period for this application has ended. If the application has not been decided you may submit a comment by email to and view comments that have been submitted within the list of documents for this application.

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